Ten Myths About Diets

Ten myths about diets in ALL ABOUT DIETS
Is it not true that we need to eat less fat to lose weight? Can you eat after six o'clock and which has a list of permitted and prohibited foods?
Myth 1: You cannot eat after six
It’s hard to explain where this myth arose, according to which one can abuse cakes before lunch (supposedly the morning calories not be deposited into fat) and just not eat anything after six o'clock, time of day when even a small portion of food will go directly into fat deposits.
In fact, for the body is absolutely equal at what time you consume the calories - if the morning or evening.


The only important thing is the amount of calories consumed. Of course it’s not very healthy to eat too much at night, but this recommendation is not directly linked to the time itself.
Myth 2: There is good food and bad food
Baked potato in aluminum and fries are eaten completely different role, although the potato itself is absolutely the same.
Obviously, there are no foods clearly “good” or clearly “bad” - it all depends on the method of preparation and the amount consumed.
Do not even try to make a list of foods “healthy” you-can-eat hoping at the same time lose weight before our eyes.
The idea that white rice is preliminary and is fully healthy is not just a simplified statement, but he even be a distortion of reality.


Myth 3: Fatty foods make fat On the one hand, a gram of fat has, in fact, twice the calories of a gram of protein or carbohydrate, which causes the plates are quite calorie fat. But on the other hand, it is precisely this kind of food that allows effectively kill hunger and stay satiated longer.


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