Ozone To Treat Cellulite And Beautify The Skin  

Research of multiple for cellulite, where he says: is a grouping layer of fat under the skin in a way reduces the elasticity of the skin and affect the texture of the skin and form it may be unsightly, and this is one of the problems that are difficult to get rid of them in the traditional way such as the use of a specific diet or special creams.

It was many years experience and modern methods, but there is now a means of medical natural modern to deal with this problem and solve it, which leads to getting rid of fat accumulated under the skin directly and restore skin elasticity and smoothness, and this means combined together give the best results in the shortest time possible and this means is:

Using sophisticated device gives waves biological equipment through the poles rubber placed on the skin in the area to be dealt with and is working to alert the muscles by way of regular and frequencies calculated (low frequency) is working on the launch of substance noradrenaline, which operates in the presence of other compounds and enzymes the body to convert fat into compounds simpler ( fatty acids + Jsrol), and therefore with a diet, the body gets its need of energy easily from fatty acids instead of fat, and therefore part of the body that has been subjected to hearing at least the size of fat in it.


Says there is another way the same as the previous device with the use of pole the average frequency of particular works and gelatinous material placed on the skin, especially in the area to be rid of the fat. This pole after the move to the skin saturated Article gelatinous work to drink it from the skin into the subcutaneous tissue and this article (Salaozan) works to increase the elasticity of collagen fibers and the expansion of the arteries, which leads to stimulate blood circulation locally, and thus increase the oxygen available for this region and it increases vitality.

The skin becomes softer and freshness, and there are other way is to use ultrasound high-frequency (3 Mijahian) is working on the creation of mechanical energy and thermal localized affect grained fatty acids found inside the cells, which helps to dissolve especially for the fat beneath the skin directly.


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