Water Importance To Fat Loss  

How much water the body needs?
Heinz Val tin, a professor at Dartmouth Medical School , studied closely the question of the necessity of water from the body and came to the conclusion that if you have no desire to drink does not need to force yourself to do it: the body can for him even maintain flawlessly fluid balance (2) .
This scientist has shown any link between the additional consumption of pure water and certain diseases or improvement of renal function or other organs do not exist.

Moreover, he found that excessive water consumption can even be dangerous.
A glass of water before meals
Another common recommendation of “nutritionists” is that one should drink a glass of warm water before food.
Supposedly this will help you eat less and become satiated faster. But of course this is also not true.
Water contains no calories and, therefore, does not have the ability to satisfy anyone.
Water cannot, in any way, or burn those extra pounds affect appetite, either way whatsoever. And this fact is supported by scientific evidence.


Obviously if you drink two liters of water before a meal, you simply will fill your stomach and you will not eat. But, admittedly, this is a rather strange recommendation.
Water: a lethal dose some cases of death by overdose of water are known.


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