Testosterone Importance In Fitness  

In one, the consumption of ecstasy distorted sense of water saturation and the person in question ended up drinking too much water.
And yet, the amount of consumed water was only 6 liters (3).
Healthy kidneys are able to process about 0.8 - 1 liter of water per hour.
If only ingest a large amount of water you do not sweat enough, the water intake is in fact capable of being harmful to the body, it will begin to pump it with the cells, something that in no way want to happen.
How to increase testosterone?
Metabolism after thirty what is the real need for water?
As mentioned earlier, the average daily water consumption is 3.7 L for men and 2.7 L for women.
These values are fully met with the usual food intake. But it is also important to know that this could vary widely, depending on many factors and conditions.
The weight and body temperature, ambient temperature, emotional status, stress, exercises practiced - all this can increase sweating and it sound, the need for water from the body
Therefore we base it simply is impossible in a certain average values.
It is not necessary to drink water or complementary?


The body has an unmistakable way to indicate that the body is lacking in water: the sensation of thirst. If you’re thirsty, drink water. If you have no desire to drink, it means that the body is not in need of water. The sensation of thirst can only be manipulated with the use of narcotics. And if you still think you need more water than your body asks, discuss this with your doctor.


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