Myth About Carbohydrates And Weight Loss

Remember that the body cannot live without fat because not all fat is the same: there are omega 3 fatty acids that are good for health and we found in fish, as there are the harmful trans fats that cause obesity or diseases still more severe.
Myth: Carbohydrates are fattening
Although mostly fat results, in fact, too many carbohydrates do not mean that we should deprive ourselves completely of their consumption.
Yes, if you want to lose weight should reduce your intake, but only if it is not working out to build muscles.

If you usually do physical effort, the use of 150 grams of carbohydrates per workout is a necessary condition for both the performance in training and for muscle growth.
No consumption of carbohydrates you at serious risk of collapse.
Myth: You should eat frequently but in small amounts
Studies have shown that in terms of metabolism of caloric intake and no difference between meals frequently (5-7 times per day) and the normal (3-4 times daily).
Everything depends on the total amount of food consumed in total (1) .
This ancient myth, whereby eat frequently but in small amounts helps to lose weight, “speeds up metabolism” and “open windows fat burning”, has no scientific basis and does not reflect reality.
Myth: A day of fasting helps you lose weight

If you stay only one day without eating the body simply can not suddenly change to the system of burning fat, since it requires at least 72 hours for it (2) . A whole day without eating or eating only buckwheat porridge and drinking warm water and does miracles


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