Even Need To Run To Lose Weight?

Do not torture yourself by ingesting large quantities of pure water and, especially, do not believe me when I say that particular water can be healthier than another.
The recommendation is to drink two liters of pure water per day has no scientific basis and has already been refuted by the very same organization that originally launched.
In most cases, only the seat is able to tell you whether or not you need more water.


Even need to run to lose weight?
When choosing an aerobic exercise, remember that it must run it in 60-80% of HR max zone. For sedentary people this usually means a brisk walk or a workout on the elliptical. Running or swimming trigger the heart rate and it is contraindicated for you.
Write weekly between 2 to 4 drills 45-60 min.
Abdominal or strength training will not help you lose weight, but if you’re afraid of losing muscles, do a full program of training once a week, but that day Strike When the cardio.
Diet to lose weight
At this stage it is important not to try to drastically cut food or starve, just follow the daily caloric norm, which cut the fast food and sweets, which increases the amount of healthy food on your plate and do not ever eat too much.


Remember that you are in the beginning of a journey behind an elegant and healed body and, therefore, first of all, need to teach your body to lose weight.
Radical steps are usually too difficult, then you lose motivation and end the claw to slim down.


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